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Learning Trail Graphics Work  –  They are Fun & Effective!

Learning Trail Graphics has teamed up with intervention specialists and received input from school personnel to help design our trail graphics. We design floor graphics for elementary schools to provide movement breaks and engaging educational designs, allowing students to release their energy and re-join the class focused and ready to learn.

Movement Trails help develop social skills


Recess or playtime is a great way to learn important life lessons – how to take turns, resolve conflicts, and solve issues.   When children play together, they learn how to manage their emotions, and behavior.   

Movement Trails improve learning/productivity    

Movement on the trails helps improve learning.   Several movement breaks throughout the day can help students stay focused.   If they get bored, a few moments of exercise in the hallway or classroom can reset there attention.  With the ever growing increase of children with ADD & ADHD is more and more difficult to keep their attention.

Life is a continuous Trail of learning…



                                                                         ….follow the Learning trail to Success!

Movement Trails decrease stress

We all know that exercise puts you in a better mood, and helps with stress.   Studies show that our brain is not idle when we take breaks.   Exercise reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed, and breaks up the monotony of a long teaching lesson. 

Movement Trails boost brain activity

Engaging in physical activity increases blood flow, and oxygen to the brain.   This increase in nerve stimulus helps the brain to learn, and remember.   It improves  attention, and increases brain activity & memory.  Engages both sides of the brains hemisphere. 

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