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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Learning Trail Graphics are repositionable?
    No. Due to the longevity requirements of durable floor graphics, a specially-formulated adhesive is used on LTG material. It is designed to hold graphics in place for as long as possible. This gives LTG Graphics the ability to stand up to high volume student traffic, carts, and other elements.
  • Can Learning Trail Graphics ever be removed?
    Yes. Our movement trails have permanent adhesive on them, but can be removed after being utilized for a period of time. LTG always recommends changing up the trails after 1 to 2 years to help stimulate the students brain development. The trails can be removed with some heat, and a normal wax stripper that would be used to remove the wax from the floor. A small scrapper can be utilized to lift the edges of the graphics.
  • Do I need to test the surface prior to installation?
    Yes. We always recommend that our Learning Trail Graphic be tested prior to final installation. Graphics can be installed on variety of floors such as vinyl floors, hardwood floors, concrete, and laminate floors with texture. Most of these floors have a coating on them, and the trails can be applied to a wax coated floor. We highly recommend additional coats of wax over the graphic once it is installed. We would recommend waiting 24 hrs to wax over the graphic after installation.
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