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Space Movement Trail


Space Movement Trail

  • This awesome movement trail takes the student on a journey thru space.  Starting off at the Sun, and traveling from planet to planet.   Then on a trail thru the stars counting off the blast off of the shuttle before working toward the shuttle to launch themselves toward an alphabet star trail.   After they journey thru the star trail they connect to the moon where encounter some meteoroids, before they finish with wall graphics symbolizing the  various phases of the moon.  

    This awesome space trail includes the following:
    Sun – 19” x 19”
    Planets – total of 9 planets…range from 3” to 11” in diameter
    Starts – total of 10 that are 7’ x 7”
    Space Shuttle: 23” x 55” ( long jump)
    Stars A to Z – total of 26 pieces ( 6” x 6” )
    Moon – 22” x 22”
    Shuttle around the moon – 36” x 41”
    Meteoroids – total of 6, 12”x  4” and directional arrow:  8” x 3”
    Star Trail – 34” x 34”
    Big Dipper: 24” x 9”
    Moon Phases on wall.  16”x  38”


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